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Your Diet Choices and Dental Health – Important Factors

Weight loss is not just a simple matter of changing up your diet, there are other considerations that can impact overall health.  Though it’s something to always keep in mind, you simply don’t want to concentrate solely on your weight as the only indicator of your health.  Many people who are skinny can still develop many chronic illnesses, even those that are typically associated primarily with those that are overweight.  One of the major considerations to keep in mind is the foods you eat, and how they impact your overall dental health.  Foods high in sugars or starches, or very acidic, can cause problems with your teeth as well as decay over time.  This can lead to other health problems down the road.

Regular dental care is essential to maintaining a healthy smile, this includes regular visits to a dentist and check-ups by a doctor in that respect.  Much of the time, people are unable to maintain their dental health on their own for very long.  Plaque tends to build up along gum lines no matter how well people floss or brush their teeth.  For this reason regular professional visits are essential to overall health in the long-term.

How to Select Foods to Maintain Dental Health

Choosing the Best Foods for Dental HealthFor those that take poor care of their teeth, they take on a lot of risks.  Beyond the decay that can be caused therein, they also risk heart disease and heart failure in the long term.  Recent studies have clearly shown a link between dental health of a patient and their risk of heart disease.  This has led to a lot of cardiologists recommending proper dental care as a first step in the prevention of heart related ailments.  This is thought to be due to the bacteria in the mouth, which if they reach the bloodstream, and lower the heart’s ability to fight off cholesterol and cause a buildup in arteries.  More research is still being conducted, but there is certainly a significant risk associated with poor dental health.

In order to maintain your teeth as well as your overall body, foods that are high in sugar or acidic should be avoided.  Many foods out there that people love the most, candies, sodas, and even some fruits like pineapples carry risk for dental health.  In particular refined sugars carry the most risk, mostly white sugar that you use typically in kitchens when baking or for other foods.  However, high fructose corn syrup, which is often used in sodas, is also very damaging to teeth.  This is not only high in sugar content, but very acidic, which can erode the enamel on the person’s teeth quickly.

Foods that are good alternatives often involve artificial sweeteners, which typically taste as good as raw sugar for most people.  You can even bake with this ingredient instead of sugar if you want.  Not only is it lower in calories, (typically close to 0) which helps people shed weight, but it also far better for your teeth.  This is a pretty easy change to make for most people, but can lead to a much better outlook in their health and much lower risk of future heart disease.