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Green Coffee Bean Extract – A Powerful Weight Loss Aid?

As we’ve discussed at length in the past, many people struggle to lose weight on their own.  A lot of the recipes we advise here center around delicious foods that are easy to make, and also low in calories.  This is always an essential part to any weight loss.  However, many natural treatments have been developed in recent years in an effort to address the growing weight problem within the USA among its citizenry.  It’s difficult to not only stay in shape, but to lose weight once it’s been gained as well.

Green Coffee BeansA new method studied within the last few years is the use of green coffee beans to help promote weight loss.  Yes, this food does contain caffeine which has been shown before to help people lose weight in general.  This is not, however, the only reason scientists are taking a long hard look at this food for use in obesity treatments.  It’s been found that these beans actually carry with them significant compounds and antioxidants that can really help people lose weight if taken on a daily basis.  Not only do they help increase metabolism but they will also help to decrease the user’s appetite.  This has been a source for much recent investigation.

Coffee beans are typically roasted, which removes much of these ingredients from the bean.  Primarily the act of roasting destroys some of the complex proteins and antioxidants due to heat.  This can be a problem, as one of the few things remaining are simple molecules like caffeine which can survive the process.  Green coffee, if taken daily, can help people replace many of these lost characteristics, but also help people lose weight quickly as a result.  Taking roasted beans via your normal daily coffee will not be enough to receive these great benefits on its own.

-The Results from Daily Green Coffee Bean Use

Coffee has for centuries been roasted and used for its caffeine to help enable people to work harder, concentrate better, and have increased energy.  However, the major benefits it offers have been lost via the roasting process.  Recently a lot of researchers have tested out patients how take green coffee supplements each day, but don’t change their diet at all.  A recent study found that those taking green coffee extract will lose 20 to 30 pounds per 60 days of doing so.  This didn’t require any change to the individual’s diet or other changes to their circumstances.

The HCG diet, for example, does offer superior results.  However, people need to follow a strict protocol throughout.  With Green Coffee beans, people can simply take the supplement and go about their normal routines.  Though you do need to have a normal diet (around 2000 calories per day) to see success, the success will come regardless of any changes in diet beyond that level.  This is unique, and is one of the reasons so many scientists and physicians now recommend it for use in obese patients.  It has a lot of support among the scientific community and has proven to be a highly effective weight loss method.

The HCG Diet Protocol – A Natural Weight Loss Aid

There’s many weight loss treatments out in the market today, but few, if any, actually generate results.  A lot of them market their products, but only offer expensive caffeine pills in their place.  These not only work, they often can present other side effects as all caffeine intake is prone to do.  People need to find proven treatments that go beyond these weak products that people typically use.  There are such methods out there, but they can be hard to find.

The HCG diet protocol is still the most popular physician recommended treatment for obesity in the world today.  This plan entails the use of natural HCG hormones to promote a high metabolism and decreased appetite.  Dr. Simeons originally found this treatment some 40 years ago, but it’s become a widespread tool for the use in the treatment of obesity.  Users typically take this hormone each day and will use it in conjunction with a reduced calorie diet to shed weight far more quickly than is possible otherwise.

HCG Molecular simulationThe HCG is a two part molecule that’s naturally produced in women, primarily during their monthly cycles or pregnancy.  However, it can also be cultured and grown and then purified for use by individuals.  It’s a powerful weight loss aid as it directly interacts with the brain’s hypothalamus boosting metabolism and decreasing appetite.  Its two parts are made to work in conjunction with various aspects of the person’s neurons in order to promote these qualities.  As a result, it allows people to lose a lot of weight quickly.

-The HCG Diet Plan and Results-

It’s no secret that the HCG program works, a lot of studies have examined the ways in which it delivers such surprising results.  Studies typically deal with injections, but a lot of people choose to take real hcg drops.  A site we found called provides these without going through the mixing yourself, allowing people to achieve the same type of results.  Ultimately, however, it depends on a variety of factors if people choose injections over drops, though typically drops are easier to use and a lot cheaper.

The average weight loss over a full regimen of this program is between 30 to 50 pounds, but depends heavily on length of time, BMI prior to beginning the protocol and other various factors.  Managing expectations is an important part of the protocol’s success, so many people seek support channels in order to provide the best outcomes.  Most people will lose 0.5 to 1 pound per day on the diet throughout the entire program.  Additionally, a large amount of weight is typically lost within the first 10 days, with up to 2 pounds per day being fairly typical.

The use of hcg isn’t a new thing, but understanding why it works how it does still remains a bit of a mystery for science.  Attempts to understand its weight loss origins have often led to dead ends in the pursuit, with little coming from the effort.   It’s our hope that new science will offer new understanding of this in the future, however, a lot of research has already proven that the protocol works as is.  It’s a good method to lose weight for those that need outside help, and probably the single best method available today.