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Paleo Diet Recipes – Cutting Calories and Maintaining Weight Loss

Obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the US today, and this has led to a huge increase in research on how to solve these problems.  This represents a massive economic impact on the US into the future, as care and medical help will need to be supplied to these less healthy individuals.  Scientists have spent decades looking for real solutions to obesity, ones that are sustainable and even those that are natural supplements, like HCG or garcinia cambogia.  The goal here is to try and produce weight loss, and enable a person to keep it off in the longer term (this is, by far, the most difficult task).

Doctor Paleo Diet MethodsThe Paleo diet is a recent method that has skyrocketed in popularity, led primarily by users who are looking for long term success through dieting alone.  This method is centered around avoiding foods high in starch, carbs and those that are processed.  Ones filled with processed sugars, for example, have been linked to obesity in numerous studies.  The paleo diet aims to return to the roots of our species, where we ate foods we found in the open environment, naturally.  Nothing that’s been filled with pesticides or preservatives or anything else unnatural.

Many people colloquially refer to this diet as the “caveman” diet because the foods you eat are natural like our ancestors would have eaten.  Natural foods, without needing to change a person’s caloric intake, will typically result in weight loss just on their own.  Things like vegetables, fruits, green tea, lean red meats, chicken, turkey, salmon or vegan milk is allowed.  Natural enzymes found in these foods are used to help people lose weight quickly.

Recipes for the Paleo Diet

A recent university of tennessee study identified that dieters who consumed calcium each day lost about twice as much total weight as those who did not.  The level you want to maintain is 1200 to 1300 mg per day.  Almond or coconut milk is permitted on the paleo diet to help in this area as they are rich in calcium naturally.  Chicken, for example, contains natural proteins and vitamins and minerals which can help people lose weight.  It’s also particularly low in fat.

Green tea is a great drink as part of the paleo diet, as it contains EGCG which has been shown to increase metabolic rate.  You can combine these with fruit, vegetables and lean meat along with the paleo diet.  Many people can also eat hot chili peppers or red cayenne to help in this same vein.  These peppers contain capsaicin, which burns off fat via a similar metabolic process.  These are great diet additions for the Paleo diet.

Whenever possible people should be eating foods that are raw and uncooked, particularly for fruits and vegetables.  The cooking process will destroy many of the best vitamins and minerals in these foods.  It’s not always possible to eat raw vegetables, as some of them are not edible if they are raw, but for the most part cooking should be avoided when possible.  Our ancestors did not cook many of their fruits or vegetables as they did not have access to complex grains or sources of carbohydrates the way we do today.  The paleo diet tries to encourage people to go back to their roots, and in doing so, considerably increase their weight loss results.