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Fruit Cake Recipe

A Christmas cake that dates back to ancient Rome!! RecipesQuestions.com demonstrates how to make this modern American Fruit Cake in your Home. This delicious Light Fruit Cake is an almond-scented butter cake full of candied fruits and raisins.

We bring you an easy way to make delicious fruitcake recipe at home. Fruitcake is a very popular recipe made of fresh fruits.

Ingredients to make Fruit Cake:

  • Refined flour (1/2 Kg)
  • Baking powder (4 Tsp)
  • Vanilla essence (4 Tsp)
  • Butter (1/2 Kg)
  • Egg (1 Kg)
  • Cherries (175 Gms)
  • Chopped dates (250 Gms)
  • Chopped cashew nuts (175 Gms)
  • Grapes with seeds (200 Gms)
  • Powdered sugar (1 Kg)
  • Brandy (Optional)

Method of Fruit Cake Preparation:

  1. Take grapes, dates, and cherries, slice them into very small pieces. Soak and keep the slices in brandy one week before preparing the cake.
  2. Take a pan, place it overheat and then put 1/2kg of sugar in it.
  3. Add a little water and keep it stirring on low heat to avoid burning. Take off the pan from the heat when the sugar turns brown.
  4. Take the remaining powdered sugar in a bowl and mix the butter in it. Keep it aside.
  5. Take a large bowl, sieve flour, and baking powder together in it. Add the soaked fruits in brandy and the chopped cashew nuts in it. Mix them well.
  6. Now beat egg white and egg yolk in a bowl and then mix it to the sugar-butter mixture and then mix it well. Now add the vanilla essence to it.
  7. Take a greased and floured vessel, pour this mixture and then the fruit mixture evenly. Repeat it alternately.
  8. Place the vessel in preheated oven and bake it for 40 minutes at 3500C and then take it out.
  9. Keep it to cool and then take out the cake on a plate. Now the fruitcake is ready to serve.
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