Lepat Pisang Recipe | How to Cook Quick & Simple Lepat Pisang

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Lepat Pisang Recipe

Today I will show you How to Cook One of my favorite Cookies or Desert make from Banana and is called Lepat Pisang. So Here’s the Detailed Guide on How to prepare Lepat Pisang in a Quick yet effective & delicious way.

Ingredients to Cook Lepat Pisang

  • 250g Banana (Lady Finger Banana or Pisang Rajah)
  • 60g Sugar.
  • ¼ Coconut Grated.
  • 45g Plain Flour.
  • 9 Banana Leaves about 15 cm Wide
  • 2 Screw-Pine Leave (Daun Pandan)

How to Cook Lepat Pisang:

  1. Firstly, Prepare the Steamer.
  2. Wash all the Banana Leaves and cut Pandan into 5 cm Lengths.
  3. Peel and Mash the Bananas, mix in the Sugar, Coconut and Flour.
  4. Put a Piece of Pandan on a Piece of Banana Leaf.
  5. Fold the Banana Leaf over to form a neat Rectangular Packet of about 6 cm by 3 cm.
  6. Repeat with the Rest of Leaves and Mixture .
  7. Steam all Packets for 15-30 Minutes.
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