Fresh Herb Pizza with Ricotta and Basil Bread Recipe | Easy Method

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Pizza with Ricotta and Basil Bread Recipe

In this Post, I will show you How I make Home made Ricotta and Basil Bread Pizza Recipe. It’s just Delicious! And the Best Part is This really Easy to make this Bread Pizza with Ricotta and Basil.

So without Wasting any more time, Let’s See the Ingredients you will need in order to Prepare this Ricotta and Basil Pizza Bread Recipe.


  1. Ricotta (250 Gm)
  2. Roughly Chopped Yellow Peppers (2)
  3. Halved Or Whole Cherry Tomatoes (10)
  4. Basil Leaves (A Few To Serve)
  5. Plain Flour (For Dusting)
  6. Bag Mixed Grain Or Granary Bread Mix (500 Gms)
  7. Chopped Tomatoes (2 Cans Or 400 Gms)
  8. Olive Oil (1 Tsp)
  9. Finely Chopped Onion (1)

Number of Servings – 6

Method of Preparation:

  1. First Heat the Oven to 220 Degrees Celsius. Take a Large Pan, Heat Oil in it.
  2. Saute Onions and Yellow Peppers in it for few minutes until they get Soft.
  3. Add Tomatoes in it and Add Seasoning in it and then Keep it to Simmer for about 10 Minutes.
  4. Meanwhile Prepare the Dough according to the Instructions of Granary Bread Package and then Knead the Dough.
  5. Take a Baking Sheet, Dust the Flour in it and then Roll the Dough in Rectangular Shape.
  6. Now Place the Sheet in Oven and Bake it for about 5 Minutes. Take out the Sheet from Oven and Spread the Sauce over the Dough.
  7. Add Cherry Tomatoes over it and then Drop Spoonfuls of Ricotta over it.
  8. Again Place it in Oven and Bake it for about 10 Minutes until the base gets Crispy and Golden.
  9. Spread the Basil over the Pizza and Serve it with Green Salad.

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